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Business Law

We support you for drafting, analysing, revising or negogiating all types of agreements, as well as for implementing contractual obligations.

We are experienced in particular in the following agreements:

  • distributorship or agency agreements;
  • general terms and conditions for sale;
  • research collaboration or technology transfer agreements, as well as research consortium agreements;
  • collaboration or joint-venture agreements;
  • shareholders agreements;
  • sales agreements;
  • agreements in the Sports Domain.

We are experienced in corporate law, in particular in restructuring or mergers and acquisitions.

We bring you our support for any issue related to corporate law. We have sucessfully run several restructuring or mergers and acquisitions processes, in particular:

  • restructuring of a group of companies;
  • transfer of assets;
  • merger;
  • sale and purchase of shares;
  • collaboration and joint-venture agreement;
  • shareholders agreement.

Every operation may cause adverse consquences with respect to tax. For this reason, we collaborate with tax experts for in-depth analyses and for providing taylored solutions.

We advice companies within their corporate activities.

We bring an appropriate answer to any legal issue within a company, in corporate, labour or contracts law.

If need be, we collaborate with specialists in specific areas in order to offer the appropriate counsel, whatever the legal issue

Libra Law acts regularly in the field of torts and has a recognised expertise in this field as Yvan Henzer is a "Certified Specialist SBA Torts and Insurance Law". He is experienced in corporal damages (car accidents, etc.), medical liablity and attorney's liability.

When a damage occurs, we negotiate with insurance companies or file claims before Courts in order to obtain a full compensation of the damage or to resist against any ill-founded claim.