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Libra law - the Swiss Sports Law Firm

Founded in 2007, Libra Law is a Swiss law firm specialising in Sports and Business law.

It is now composed of three partners, Jorge Ibarrola, Claude Ramoni and Yvan Henzer, in addition to associate lawyers. Registered with the Swiss Bar and with Swiss and International academic and professional backgrounds, Libra Law's counsels all have a vast experience in the field of sports and business law, gained particularly at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and at large international institutions.

Libra Law advises its clients for all issues or disputes relating to contractual, disciplinary, statutory rights or in relation with the organisation of sports events. International and national sports Federations, clubs (football, basketball, etc.), athletes, players, coaches, agents and events’ organisers benefit from our experience and from our global network.

In terms of litigation expertise, we proceed regularly before the CAS and other sporting bodies (e.g. IOC, FIFA, UEFA, FIBA, IAAF, etc.), on behalf sports persons or institutions, that we also represent before the ordinary courts in Switzerland, including the Swiss Federal Tribunal.

In the business area, we advise individuals as well as small, medium and large companies within the framework of their commercial activities (e.g. merger and acquisition operations, contract law, insurance and liability laws, creation of consortiums for the research and transfer of technology, etc.). We also set up and manage in Switzerland International companies or branches, subsidiaries or holdings.

In all areas of our activities, we ensure that client's care is at the forefront by meeting their expectations in an efficient and prompt manner.

Libra Law is located at the Maison du Sport International, in Lausanne, the Olympic Capital, heart of and home of the IOC, of the CAS and of many international Sports Federations.

Mr Jorge Ibarrola on Radio Suisse Romande

23 April 2018

Jorge Ibarrola on the national radio station for French speaking Switzerland regarding football players who evade the tax authorities. The show is available on the following link

Mr Jorge Ibarrola on Radio Suisse Romande

18 April 2018

Jorge Ibarrola on the national radio station for French speaking Switzerland explaining the CAS award concerning the Russian athletes. The show is available on the following link



Sports Law evening at the Maison du Sport International on 20 March 2018

18 April 2018

Mr Jorge Ibarrola had the honour to welcome Mr Bernard Welten, CAS Arbitrator and lawyer from Bern as guest speaker on the subject of the CAS Ad Hoc Chamber in PyeongChang as part of the ASDS Sports Law evenings. Mr Welten described the roles of the AD Hoc Chamber of the CAS during the Olympic Games, using decisions taken by the Chamber to illustrate his presentation, particularly those relating to the Russian athletes.

The next Sports Law evening is likely to take place in June 2018.

Participation is free but open only to ASDS members. To become a member of ASDS:. contact Mr Ibarrola (